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Process Essays(With 40 Topic Ideas)

Process Essays are fun to write and once you can get the hang of it, you will be delighted to write this type of academic expository essay. The domain of process essays is vast and can be just about any subject that involves a process to make, create, or accomplish.


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What is the process essay? 


The process essay is a how-to essay that tells the reader how to perform a particular task from start to finish. In a process essay you will have to imagine that the audience knows nothing about the topic and you will have to explain each and every step for them.


In order to write a process essay for any do-able task, you will first need to know about the task at hand and should be able to identify the different steps.   


Known Your Audience 


It's important to know your audience and their reading acumen. It is also good to know their prior familiarity to the topic you are describing. The process has to be worded in relation to the audience. 


If they are new to the subject then you don't want to alienate your readers with complex wording and skipping the basic steps. 


Also, it will also make you lose your readers if you use layman terms and language for a process essay intended for learned individuals who have prior knowledge on the subject.


Categorize the process 


While writing the body and the main part of the process essay, try and categorize familiar steps together in separate paragraphs. This will help your reader identify the major categories of the process and may help him or her grasp onto the process better.  


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Structure of the essay 


The essay structure will be like a regular essay structure.


There will be an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the introduction, your thesis statement should name the process, with an overview of the main categories.


The body paragraphs should include clear and well explained steps, combined in an order in several paragraphs .. Clarity in the key here.  


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Essay Topics Tech 


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How to maintain the hardware of your computer?


How to reboot your system in Safe Networking Mode?


How to choose a computer system to buy?


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How to boost up your mobile performance


How to take professional pictures with your mobile camera


How to charge your mobile and other devices for long battery life?




How to find the cheapest hotel deals?


How to avoid being conned and defrauded in a foreign country?


Ways to make your luggage lighter?


How to minimize jet lag?


How to have your pet with you during your travels?


How to try and upgrade to economy plus without paying for it?


How to find and buy travel packages?


How to maximize your chances of survival during an airplane accident?


How to choose the right seat for travel?


Ways that you can make your travel time productive




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